Near Tractor Accident at Roloff Farm

**PLEASE KEEP COMMENTS CLEAN** Zachary and Jeremy Roloff try to bring wood to the club house they are building when something goes wrong… I’ll let you decide who was at fault.

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  1. agaen96 says:

    @medog2020 why do u hate little people?

  2. medog2020 says:

    @agaen96 I like midgets.

  3. agaen96 says:

    @medog2020 you know that it’s illegal to say midget now?
    Don’t wanna be a geek. But you’re suposed to say little people.

  4. medog2020 says:

    @agaen96 It’s not illegal in my country to say midget. That’s what they are, midgets.

  5. summerdude says:

    @medog2020 he’s not dead…

  6. agaen96 says:

    @medog2020 can’t say i’m with on that….

  7. medog2020 says:

    @summerdude RIP Matt Roloff. You are my favorite midget.

  8. QuentinDude says:

    i think the ratings would of been higher if the pumpkin thingy had decapitated jacob :P……seeing as how the roloffs are such money grubbers who try to sell people F*ckin dirt from their farm in a jar and mugs and t-shirts they would probably put his head on display in a jar and charge 5 bucks to see it!

  9. hahahavictorsmile says:

    he’s like ” Dad are you high or something ?

  10. warhammermichael says:

    matts a fukn punk…..

  11. 2LateIWon says:

    3:14 best part ever

  12. HalfricanItalian says:

    Midgets make me sick. They are so smug about all the shit they do. Its like they think they are better than other just because “they face obstacles”. Wow, fuck you. Ive never seen a midget do a nice thing for anybody. They are so angry at the world because of how fucked up they look. Instead of blaming themselves, they just blame everyone else. WTF?
    And no, you cant “PRETTY MUCH DO WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES” Trying reaching the doorknob or wiping your diarrhea ass with those stubby T-rex arms.

  13. medog2020 says:

    RIP Matt Roloff.

  14. 365to173repubsPWNED says:

    i think Matt Roloff is a closeted homosexual.

  15. stalag58 says:

    @365to173repubsPWNED EWWWWWWWWWWW

  16. rbodell says:

    There is never just one cause of an accident. 1 I have seen cars suspended by properly hitched trailers. 2 Always use safety chains. 3 If you have to drop the load on a tractor to stop it, you are traveling too fast for conditions AND you are overloaded. Both boys need more experience before being left to work alone with equipment.

  17. Bentzenior says:

    I totally agree, what a jerk! “Blame everything on the little guy!”

  18. joeu5431 says:

    The kid driving the tractor was fine the kid w the trailer needs 2 slow down too bad it’s the final season I guess rosenblatt and this show have to go :(

  19. JoeCool031619 says:

    How about the camera? Think he could have gave Zach a hand? Yeah I think I’ll just stand here and film this shit..idiot(s)

  20. erniesigsoundfan says:

    Doesn’t the tractor has a brake?

  21. ProjectFanatic says:

    “You need to go slow” eh? Speak for yourself. If you see there is something in the way, use the brake. And especially when driving with a load, downhill, put the tractor in low range and 2nd gear and drive slowly, even if it takes all day long to get to your destination.

  22. SuperTurboDiesel2 says:

    This entire thing was stupid. #1, Why the hell did the trailer unhitched from the Mule? Unless the ball hitch were broken, it would never have come undone. #2, why in the hell was the tractor coming down a hill so quickly when it supposedly had little to no brakes? Do you people have NO sense? Wait, don’t answer that. When brakes don’t work, you FIX them! Operating ANYTHING motorized that doesn’t have adequate BRAKES, STEERING, and the ability to shut off the engine quickly is just plain STUPID.

  23. SuperTurboDiesel2 says:

    Oh, and one last comment… Apparently this vid was taken from some TV show or something? Sheesh – what a load! That does answer my questions as to why the trailer came off the hitch and also why a tractor that is so new didn’t have adquate brakes. It was all just total B.S. fabricated for TV entertainment. Just like the father’s “touching” comments, that in the REAL world would have been a helluva lot more angry and upsetting for certain! Good grief – why did I even watch this crap?!

  24. SuperTurboDiesel2 says:

    @rbodell: Damn straight… Well said!

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