For the Love of Farming Part 1/2

A little tribute to all the farmers out there. Be safe! :) (Music by James Horner).

25 Responses to “For the Love of Farming Part 1/2”

  1. wuscli says:

    @tapper88 Try 350,000. Friend

  2. G2thefarmer says:

    2:08 what did he think was going to happen lol

  3. 45JTC says:

    some expensive fuck ups

  4. nanieier says:

    how the h*** did they do it??

  5. HORUN5 says:

    Hutterite’s Gotta love em

  6. cavins2 says:

    jd good cat the best

  7. ilovegoatsecks says:

    the title of this video should be called “thank god for insurance”

  8. MultiBaldEagle says:

    How in theeee HELL did that Steiger get up on the grain bin????

  9. tapper88 says:

    was referring to 700wildcat’s maths, 40 x 250,000 = 10 million not billion, I still stand by this

  10. MegaNullchecker says:

    @scotty1045 why do you sing so great song about good ole(d?) U.S.A., i’m german, and working in machinery industries, having lot’s of customer’s and a branch office in the (good -hahaha U.S.A.), they are all so stupid!!!, they are asking ten times whether screws are open left turn or right turn!!!-hahaha!!, please note, the chinese didn’t know too, but they are asking only one time and then they know!!!, i’m sure the american never be on the moon!! (could’t be!!!), to much stupid-hahaha!! lol!!!

  11. scotty1045 says:

    @MegaNullchecker If I knew what the hell you were talking about I might reply.

  12. wwwtotalitaerde says:

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  13. bryanwolf1 says:

    Totally serious question. When things like this happen to tractors does the manufacturer aid in replacing it? Or are you just royally screwed?

  14. thepoo3000 says:

    Very sad to see these things happen to these nice machines I own a dariy farm and understand that things get stuck and things happen but this stuff just seems like its a lack of care. The combines always have had a problem with catching fire. But still this stuff is discracefull !!

  15. DefenderX12 says:

    Seeing that train load of combines is absolutely nuts. I have never seen so many John Deere Combines at one time. That train prolly has more combines on it than in the entire county I live in.

  16. rancherjongus says:

    the tractor @:51 just take off the tires and walk away lol

  17. TheForby says:

    @scoty1045 i had to read it twice to figure it out and still no luck

  18. Tinevsl says:

    wow, all these John Deeres!

  19. samhenry22 says:

    Whew! I would love to have all the dollars riding on that train.

  20. gregwddriver says:

    Looks like combines catch fire alot. I suppose it’s all the dust and heated up parts.

  21. canadamonster says:

    if u run a tractor out of fuel u have no steering or brakes. this needs to be remedied.

  22. superfastgherkin says:

    Interesting… 0:27 Even though this tractor is called a ‘Cougar’, it has it’s leg cocked, pissing on that silo like a dog….

    Perhaps Steiger should re-name this model, the ‘kelpie’.

  23. Capta1nTaterS says:

    John Deere sucks. Its all about Allis-Chalmers and International!

  24. TheCatsnw says:

    @scotty1045 our 5103 was assembled in India. It sucks! Our 1967 3020 and our 3010gas converted to lp and our 3010 southern rice are Fawking AWESOME!

  25. gityermudon says:

    What the heck happened to the one at 50 sec in!

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